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The Finance and Legal department is made up of three teams managing Brevo’s structure and operations as a business.

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Corporate Legal Counsel, Jessica Luhangu
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The Finance team’s main goal is to supervise the production of financial statements, guarantee the sincerity of accounts, and intervene in internal and external financial matters when needed.

This team includes:

  • CFO (Chief Finance Officer)
  • Controlling Manager
  • VP Finance
  • Financial Data Analyst


In relation to different stakeholders, the Accounting team’s scope includes being in charge of the suppliers accounting management of the company and the accounting management of the customer cycle for all the companies in the group, taking over part of any accounting transactions.

This team includes:

  • Head of Accounting & Tax
  • Accountant Manager
  • Accountant Suppliers
  • Accountant Clients
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Finance Manager


The role of our Legal team is to advise and support our global organization on general legal matters using their in-depth business knowledge and constructive approach.

This team includes:

  • Legal Manager
  • Legal Counsel
  • Corporate Legal Counsel

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