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Our Product department designs, delivers, and manages the Brevo platform, focusing on user experience and coordinating with clients to optimize our solution to their needs. The department is composed of a few teams — Product Design, Product Management, and Product Knowledge— further divided into tribes focusing on a specific part of the platform (Campaigns, Automation, Transactional, etc.).

I started working at Brevo as Product Owner around 4 years back. Within 1 year I started working as Product Manager, started managing campaigns tribe. In 2021, I also started managing Creative tribe focused on offering design tools to our users to create professional looking content for their marketing campaigns. One of the big launches where I was involved in the Creative tribe was to launch New Drag & Drop Editor which is now used by more than 50% of our clients to send email campaigns. I work with great autonomy on solving big customer problems. I get to work with colleagues from various countries with varied skill sets. I love researching customer problems with user research team, come up with solutions with design & engineering teams, take these solutions to market & measure impact with product marketing & analytics teams. On the Product Team, we are free to plan our roadmap of the tribe together with design & engineering counterparts.

Mohit Tyagi, Product Manager
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Product Design

Product Design

Our Product Design team is responsible for user experience. The team is guided by the belief that high-quality UX comes from a place of empathy and humbleness. Our Product Designers listen to our clients’ needs, transforming them into features and functionalities on the platform. The team is composed of Product Designers, UX Researchers, and UX Writers, all working closely with our Project Management team.

This team includes:

  • Product Designer
  • Senior Product Designer
  • Lead Product Designer
  • Product Design Manager
  • Head of UX
  • User Researcher
  • UX Writer
  • Localization Project Manager
Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

Our Product Knowledge team writes tutorials and documentation on our Help Center to help with onboarding clients and accompany them for their daily usage. These tutorials cover everything from technical aspects of the platform to developing a digital marketing strategy.

This team includes:

  • Product Knowledge Specialist
  • Product Knowledge Expert
  • Lead Product Knowledge
Product Management

Product Management

The goal of our Product Management team is to build, maintain, and constantly improve our software. The team collaborates with various internal stakeholders, including our Engineering, Design, and Marketing teams. The Product Management’s main responsibilities include developing new features and improving upon existing ones to meet our clients’ needs. Behind every project the team works on, they prioritize communication, collaboration, and transparency as the keys to success.

This team includes:

  • Product Manager
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Lead Product Manager
  • VP Product
  • CPO (Chief Product Officer)

Our vision

Internally, our pillars are the actions we take to support employees, achieve our goals, and embody our values. They’re the overarching priorities of our company’s management and human resources teams.

We’re proud of our teams’ diversity. Different perspectives, varied backgrounds, and diverse experiences make us stronger as a whole.

For us, inclusion goes hand in hand with diversity. Being an intentionally diverse company means striving to make each individual’s experience the best it can be, regardless of their background.

Everyone has their own ways of staying well. That’s why we offer such a wide range of wellness support – excellent benefits, regular feedback opportunities, team building events and off-site trips, exercise and language classes, and more.

Jeremy CPO

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