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The Revenue department at Brevo is made up of various teams all responsible for generating revenue through traffic, leads, and sales. The department designs and implements sales strategies and maintains strong client relationships with regular touch points. At the same time, our Revenue teams collaborate with other departments to provide clients with transparent and consistent communication.

I love working as part of the sales team at Brevo! We have such a supportive and dynamic team, and it's motivating to work towards a common goal with so many other vibrant personalities across the globe. Sales is a challenging game, but it's rewarding to know you're contributing to the success of a product you believe in!

Ally MacDonald, Account Executive, North America
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Sales Operations

Sales Operations

The Sales Operations team is in charge of interdepartmental projects like contracting processes for AEs & CSMs as well as maintaining clear communication with the Finance and Marketing Departments. In addition, the team monitors and supports the productivity of the overall Revenue department.

This team includes:

  • Head of Growth
  • Salesforce Administration Manager
  • Sales Enablement Manager
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Development

Business Development

The Business Development team is the first point of contact with any sales inquiries submitted through one of our lead generation forms. BDRs form part of the Global Sales team and work in coordination with the Head of Sales North America and the Market Director

This team includes:

  • Head of Sales - Business Development
  • Business Development Representative
  • Team Lead Business Development


Account Executives work with the Heads of Sales - Business Development to build our go-to-market strategy for outbound sales. This team does everything from managing prospects to securing leads, accompanying our Enterprise clients at each step of the customer journey.

This team includes:

  • Head of Sales - Enterprise
  • Account Executive
  • Team Lead Account Executive
Customer Success

Customer Success

The role of our Customer Success team is to ensure our Enterprise clients are able to make the most of Brevo. They manage a large portfolio of customers from onboarding to renewal, providing one-on-one support to ensure our Enterprise clients’ long-term satisfaction, retention, and growth.

This team includes:

  • Customer Success Director
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Team Lead Customer Success
  • Customer Success Engineer
  • Implementation Specialist
  • Customer Deliverability Specialist
Service Lab

Service Lab

The Service Lab team works closely with the Customer Experience and Revenue teams to accommodate our clients’ specific needs. The team manages clients’ special requests and technical requirements, liaising with other departments to provide customized products and features.

This teams includes:

  • Head of Customer Care Service Lab
  • Customer Product Designer
  • Customer Product Developer
  • Senior Customer Product Developer
  • Junior Customer Product Developer

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